Where to eat in Berlin

Berlin is a great place for foodies to experience Germany’s dishes. Amazing sausages, huge schnitzels, pretzels everywhere. All next to a big mug of authentic German beer. It’s time to discover where to eat in Berlin - the best places, uncovered. There are A LOT of great restaurants and fast foods around, so let's get... Continue Reading →

Simple ways to stay safe on holiday

Looking for the best tips and tricks to stay safe on holiday? We’re here to help. Our team has been on so many great adventures and because we are extra-safe we didn’t have any problems. Vigilance is very important abroad, so let’s get right into it. Use these quick tips & tricks to stay safe... Continue Reading →

Planning the perfect road trip

Summertime is almost here and it’s the time to prepare for your next road adventure. Traveling by car means you must make some preparations in order to ensure a great experience. Planning the perfect road trip takes a bit of time, but we’re here to help. Here are some things to consider before you go.... Continue Reading →

Budget City Guide: Cheap Hotels in London

So you’re traveling to London and you don’t want to break the bank with your accommodations. We know what you mean, we also hate overspending on hotels. That’s why for our next Budget City Guide we chose to review the best cheap hotels in London. Many of these are better located and offer better service... Continue Reading →

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